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Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon

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Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon welcomes you for visiting the Organizing Committee website.
Our competitions had been certified from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), in 2005 which was 14th, Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon, which is held under the internationally recognized and became a honorable marathon competition worldwide with positive interests that domestic and foreign disabled athletes participate.

Especially, as a worthy name of competition authorized nationally we contributed to not only enhance the national image and prestige but also to the development of disability sports by achieving new records internationally and new records in Asia by 38seconds from world records last year.

Our committees have continued our efforts to make all athletes from all around the world can demonstrate their abilities and socialize freely at the competition as a place for festival. We invite every disabled athlete and the public in ‘Challenging and Overcoming Race of 42.195km’ at the capital of Korea, Seoul!

Organizing Committee of Seoul International Marathon Competition Chairman of the Organizing Committe, Kim Gwanghwan
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