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Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon

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2015 (The 23rd) Marcel Hug, who was not only the best record holder but also the winner of 2013 competition, wore laurel crown with recording 1hour 23min 32sec. Among Korean athletes, Hong Suk-Man was the fastest in the record of 1hour 29min 13sec and Lee Ki-Hak and Lee Yun-O followed after Hong.
Kim Su-min, Korean first female wheel chair marathoner, pulled up her records in 2hour 8min 54sec lessening 24min from her previous records.
Since Seoul International Wheel chair marathon has been held, Yu Byeong-Hun was the first winner beating Japanese athletes.
Hand cycle half race, which was added newly this year, Lee In-Jae has ranked on 1st place with records of 49min 15sec.
Lee Hoon, our public affair’s celebrity of this race ran together in the non- competitive race. Tahiti, popular Girl group, gave a talent domination in special concert. (Reauthorized courses by IAAF on 10 March 2014 ( courses changed partially : around halfway point)
23rd Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon, which was scheduled to be held on 26 April, was canceled in order to share national tragedy of Saewol ferry disaster.
2013(The 22th) Marcel Hug from Switzerland broke a new record as 1:20:52 at ‘Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon’ after competing with Hokinoue Kota from Japan who was a champion at a last competition. He outdistanced about 1minutes Ernst Van Dyk who recorded a new record as 1:21:46 in 2008. Even though Hokinoue Kota took 2nd place by a score of 0.07seconds, it was a new record in Asia. Kyudae Kim from Korea took 1st place(overall 5th) among domestic athletes as 1:32:01 and Seokman Hong took 2nd place(overall 10th) as 1:38:18. Sumin Kim who was the first women wheelchair athlete succeed in finishing a marathon as 2:32:54 which was her goal.
2012(The 21th) Hokinoue Kota who missed the champion by 1minute last year won a 1st place at a competition. This was 2nd champion at Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon for her. Seokman Hong of Korea was selected the overall top pick(1 :39:10) and which was 1st place in Korea.Especially, Japanese athletes showed growth at the competition. Nakayama Kazumi(1:59:29) and Sayano Tosiaki(48:13) were taken at the men and womens’ full marathon and men’s half marathon respectively. In addition, Sumin Kim won 2nd champion(1:8:39) in this year(she also took 1st place in last year).
2011(The 20th) Marcel Hug of Switzerland, who took the number 1 spot in the 2010 IPC ATHLETICS ranking, made his first appearance at the Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon. Marcel Hug won the men’s full marathon in 1:23:3, and beat defending champion Hokinoue Kota of Japan by one second.
Marcel Hug of Switzerland, who took the number 1 spot in the 2010 IPC ATHLETICS ranking, made his first appearance at the Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon. Marcel Hug won the men’s full marathon in 1:23:3, and beat defending champion Hokinoue Kota of Japan by one second.
Tsuchida Wakako of Japan, who took the number 1 spot in the 2010 IPC ATHLETICS women’s rankings, won in the women’s full marathon with a time of 1:47:59.
2010(The 19th) Kurt Fearnley of Australia, the 2006, 2007 and 2009 Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon winner, finished first in the marathon with a time of 1:29:49.
Although Hong Seokman of Korea ran out of luck, reaching for the top tally, he finished 1 second ahead of 2008 winner Ernst Van Dyk, and held the second rank with a time of 1:29:50
It was a close game that be decided from 1st place winner to 6th place winner in just 3 seconds.
2009(The 18th) Kurt Fearnley who is winner 2006, 2007 and held the second rank in the 17th competition was the first runner in the full-course with record of 1hr 29min 49sec. Especially Hong Suk-Man competed in the competition against with Kurt Fearnley but much to one's regret Hong Suk-Man had the second rank.
However his record(1hr 29min 50sec) was a new Korean record in the Full-course.
2008(The 17th) Ernst Van Dyk from the Republic of South Africa was a hero of the 17th Seoul Wheelchair Marathon in the third year. He was the first runner to finish in the full-course. Especially he has set a new record as the fastest marathon runner with record of 1hr 21min 45sec.
2007(The 16th) On April 27, 2007, the 16th Seoul Wheelchair Marathon was opened with approval from the IPC Athletics. In this competition, Kurt Fearnley from Austrailia has won in the full-course with record of 1hr 22min 17sec among 650 participants and realized his great ambition. Soejima Masazumi(Japan) took the second place and Yasuoka Choke(Japan) and the third rank fell into the hand of Yasuoka Choke(Japan).
2006(The 15th) The 15th Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon was opened with approval from the IPC Athletics. Total 479(53 Foreign) athletes have participated and Kurt Fearnley from Australia has won with record of 1hr 26min 30sec. For the Korean athletes, Hong, Dukho has won with record of 1hr 36min 47sec. In the half-course race, Jun Hiromichi from Japan won with record of 47min 46sec.
2005(The 14th) The 14th Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon was opened with approval from the IPC Athletics. Total 435(66 Foreign) athletes have participated and Ernst Van Dyk from South African Republic has won with record of 1hr 27min 23sec. Also, in the female sector, Cherry Blawet, from USA has won with 1hr 54min 13sec. For the Korean athletes, Moon, Junghoon has won once again from the 13th competition with record of 1hr 44min 26sec. In the half-course race, Sergey Shilov from Russia, again won like the 13the competiton with 50min 46sec record. In the 5km race, 293 athletes participated and Kim, JongSoon won with record of 18min 44sec.
2004(The 13th) In October, 2004, the 13th Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon Competition has changed its venue to Seoul. This change of venue has become a chance for our International Marathon Competition to be more recognized. Total 473(61 foreign) athletes have participated and the winner was Joel Jeannot from France, passing the finish line at 1hr 25min 3sec, establishing the new competition record. For the Korean athletes, Moon Junghoon won with 1hr 40min 32sec. Among 46 athletes participated, unfortunately 3 has been disqualified for breaking away the course. There were total 31 athletes in the Half-course race, and Sergey Shilov of Russia won with 50min 46sec record.
2003 (The 12th)  
2002(The 11th) The 11th DaeGu International Wheelchair Marathon Competition was opened in September 2002, and 252(26 foreign) athletes have participated. In this competition, Half-course and 5km race was opened. The winner of 1992 Barcelona Olympics Marathon Hwang YoungJo, has participated as the publicity ambassador. The winner of the Half-course Marathon was Mikhail Terentiev of Russia with 49min 43sec record.
2001(The 10th) In the 10th DaeGu Wheelchair Marathon Competition in 2001, 270(22 Foreign) athletes participated. There were 17 athletes in the Full-Course, 35 in Half-Course, and 218in the 5KM race. Jo HangDuk, Moon JungHoon, and Korean American Lee BongHo have joined the Full course Marathon. Scot Hollenbeck of USA has won the Full Course race with 1hr 36min 11sec, and Hong DukHo of Korea has won the Half Course race with 58min 30sec record.
2000(The 9th)  
1999(The 8th)  
1998(The 7th) In 1998, 178 athletes have participated in the 7th DaeGu Wheelchair Marathon Competition. 20 athletes in the half-course marathon and 158 in the 5km race.
1997(The 6th) In 1997, 168 athletes have participated in the 6th DaeGu Wheelchair Marathon Competition. 18 athletes in the half-course marathon and 150 in the 5km race.
1996(The 5th) In 1996, 203 athletes hace participatied in the 5th DaeGu Wheelchair Marathon Competition. Jo, HangDuk(Korea) has won the Half-course Marathon with 56min 2sec record.
1995(The 4th) In 1995 the title has changed to the 4th DaeGu Wheelchair Marathon Competition and held half and 5km course races. In the Half-course race, Jo, HangDuk(Korea) won for the third consecutive time with record of 1hr 10min 27sec. In the 5km race, Amputation and other disabilities part Hong SukMan(25min 34sec), and Spinal disabilities part Kim JungSik(26min 59sec) and female part Son SoYoung(34min 34sec) won for the third time as well.
1994(The 3rd) The 3rd National Wheelchair Marathon Competition in 1994 was carried out with Half & 5km race. The total number of athletes was 203, 23 Half-Course and 180 5km course. In the half-couse race, Jo, Hang-Duk has won, shortening his previous record by 37sec to 59min 19sec. In the foreign Athletes part, the winner of the 2nd competition, Jacob Heiveil has won again with 54min 39sec record.
1993(The 2nd) In 1993, foreign athletes as participated for the first time. The total number of athletes were 194, including 7 foreign(Japan, USA, HongKong, Taiwan) athletes. There were Half, and 5km race, like the 1st competition. 34 athletes for the half-course, and 187(158 male, 29 female) athletes for the 5km race participated. Jo, Hang-Duk has won the half-course race with record of 59min 56sec. There were a separate awarding for the foreign athletes, and Jacob Heiveil of USA has won the race with record of 52min 39sec. In the 5km race, amputation and other disabilities part Kim, Jong-Dae(22min 57sec), Spinal disability part Kim Jung-Sik(24min 26sec), and female part Son, SoYoung(33min 50sec) won the race.
1992(The 1st) The First national Wheelchair Marathon Competition in Korea was carried out with Half and 5km group. Total of 124 athletes participated. Hong, Duk-Ho, from GyungSagBukDo Province has won the Half-Course with 57min, 40sec. record. All 30 athletes participated in the Half-course competition has finished the Marathon. Unfortunately, there were no female athletes. And for the 5km race, Kim, Seung-Ku, from GyungGiDo Province has won with 21min 47sec record. All 94 athletes(76 male, 18 female) has also finished the race.
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