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Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon

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Rules and Regulations
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  • Marathon, Half Marathon, hand cycle will be held in this event.
  • Full, Half (full 2 minutes) and hand cycles (half 5 minutes), each game departs at regular intervals.
  • Athletes must follow the designated lanes in the course from start to finish.
  • Any athletes who intentionally interfere with, or touch other athletes during the race will be disqualified.
  • Wearing a helmet is obligatory.
  • Only the race officials or police officers are permitted to assist an athlete in case of crash or tumble during the race, Athletes will be disqualified if he/she should be assisted in any manner influential to the better race result.
  • Only the race staffs are allowed to repair wheels and wheelchairs during the race.
  • Athletes must stop there race immediately when so ordered by the medical officials or the race officials so identifiable with armband.
  • Athletes must obey the directions of the race officials and police officials.
  • Doping test will be conducted after the race.
  • Classification is as follows T51&T52 & T53,T54
Classification Table
Class1 T51=T1/LAT1
Class2 T52=T2/LAT1/[A6,A8]*/(A9)
Class3 T53=T3/LAT2
Wheelchairs regulations will refer followings(Excerption from Article159, Rules of I.P.C. Athletics)
  • The wheelchair shall have at least two large wheels and one small wheel.
  • The maximum diameter of the large wheel including the inflated tire shall not exceed 70㎝, The maximum diameter of the small wheel including the inflated tire shall not exceed 50㎝.
  • Only one plain, round, hand rim is allowed for each large wheel. This rule may be waived for persons requiring a single arm drive chair, if so stated on their medical and Games identity cards.
  • No mechanical gears or levers shall be allowed, that may be used to propel the chair.
  • Only hand-operated, mechanical steering devices will be allowed.
  • The use of mirrors is not permitted in track or road races.

※ For other regulations concerned with Wheelchairs, IPC Athletics regulations and Korea Athletics Federation of Disabled regulations are applied.
Division Check Point Time Limit Elapsed Time
Full Marathon 5 KM 9:00 30 MIN
15 KM 9:30 60 MIN
30 KM 10:40 130 MIN
Finish 11:30 180 MIN
Half Marathon 5 KM 9:00 27 MIN
10 KM 9:30 57 MIN
15 KM 10:00 87 MIN
Finish 10:40 127 MIN
※ If any athletes fail to arrive at any checkpoint in time, he/she will be escorted out the track and will not be allowed to continue.
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